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Brake Pads and Brakes for the Oshawa Area

We all know that pushing down on the brake pedal slows a car to a stop. But how does this happen? How does your car transmit the force from your leg to its wheels? How does it multiply the force so that it is enough to stop something as big as a car?

Protect Your Family and Your Wallet

Purchasing the right brakes to match your vehicle and driving needs is important to us. Buying the cheapest brakes does not always save you money, and it’s likely not to protect your family.

Brake Diagram

XtremeStop Brakes

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Home and Shop Delivery 7 Days/Week

Let our people at The Partsman Inc. explain all of your brake options so you leave confident in the purchase you have made. And remember, we offer delivery to your home or shop every day, including weekends and most holidays.

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